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Marijuana Growing indoors all the steps!

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Weed Pics   The first thing you will need is seeds or clones, when marijuana is growing indoors, growers usually demand higher results. so there fore consult a site like Marijuana seed banks or check our seed Guide. the alternative is cloning. click here for cloning info for detailed  marijuana growing information  click here  
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Links   Marijuana growing indoors successfully will require some basic equipment or better still a full Hydro setup. while you can grow marijuana indoors with a simple setup your final result and amount harvested will depend largely on the equipment you use. However the main aim of growing your marijuana indoors should be fun and your smoking pleasure it will provide you with higher security, and if you treat it professionally, outstanding results you simply can't match when marijuana is growing outdoors.  


  Your indoor grow room will consist of the following: 1.Plants in either soil or other medium like perlite (marijuana growing indoors) works exceptionally in soil less enviornments.2 grow lights. Your results will depend largely on lights, you can achieve reasonable results but marijuana growing under metal halides or high pressure sodium lamps will give far greater yield. 3 a watering system, weather you  just use a bucket or a timer and pump plants must be regularly watered. 4. Nutrients if you are not using soil this is essential, even with soil you may need extra.5 Ventilation all plants require fresh air. marijuana growing in an indoor environment especially will.  

  To get the best out of your marijuana plants growing indoor check out the steps on the link bar to the left. or visit other sites mentioned. its a good idea to see some photos of marijuana plants growing or cloning etc to see what you can expect.  
     consult the sources below for further info on growing marijuana indoors.  


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